The Honeynet Project's team has published the results for their last forensic challenge.

Congratulations to the Winners !

This time, luck was not with me and I was not in the top 3, but came only in 4th position.

Because only the winners submissions are published on the Challenges official site, I publish mine here for review and comments.

Unfortunately, I misunderstood question 5...

This challenge was really good and again taught me a lot of new things and new tools.

My official results:

For this 3rd challenge, we received a total of 22 submissions. With your score of 41, you came into position 4. You placed into the top third. With the many great submissions and the competitive field, this is a great accomplishment. Congratulations.

Below you will find your score per answer:
    Answer 1: 2 points
    Answer 2: 4 points
    Answer 3: 2 points
    Answer 4: 4 points
    Answer 5: 1 points
    Answer 6: 8 points
    Answer 7: 2 points
    Answer 8: 6 points
    Answer 9: 4 points
    Answer 10: 5 points
In addition, you have received 3 bonus points.

You could find my submission here: franck_dot_guenichot_at_orange_dot_fr_Forensic_Challenge_2010_-_Challenge_3.pdf

Feel free to leave a comment !