Honeynet Project The Honeynet Project's team has published the results for the 6th Forensic Challenge 2010.

My official results:

{{For this 6th challenge, we received a total of 21 submissions. With your score of 20, you came into position 7.

Below you will find your score per answer:

   Answer 1: 1 points 
   Answer 2: 2 points 
   Answer 3: 3 points 
   Answer 4: 1 points 
   Answer 5: 0.5 points 
   Answer 6: 1 points 
   Answer 7: 2.5 points 
   Answer 8: 4 points 
   Answer 9: 2 points 
   Answer 10: 1 points 
   Answer Bonus 1: 1 points 
   Answer Bonus 2: 1 points

This was a competitive challenge. The top three submissions were within a point of a total score and many submissions that didnt place in the top three were close. We hope you enjoyed the challenge and learned a bit.

The top three submissions have been posted to the challenge web page at http://honeynet.org/challenges/2010_6_malicious_pdf and we encourage you read through them.

We will be taking a little break, but will continue our challenges in 2011. We hope to see your submissions! }}

Well, this time the competition was really hard, as you can see with a score of 20/22 I came in position 7. Others were better ! :-)

If you're interrested my submission for FC6 is in attachment.

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